Monday, October 4, 2010

Coalition Building is Critical in Attempting to Influence Public Policy and Elections

It is impossible to develop a truly efficient public and/or government relations campaign effort without maximizing opportunities to build coalitions that allow client strengths to grow exponentially. Those who are fighting in the public policy arena gain great benefit by employing experienced and proven legislative counsel. Such counsel is expensive and sometimes out of reach of some organizations. Whether one has the ability to retain that counsel or not, it is imperative for companies or associations to identify, plan and build coalitions that suit the particular company, industry or issue. 

Successful coalition building doesn't happen by accident.  First and foremost, relationships and existing networks are the place to begin.  Brownstone Communications works with a broad network of professionals from a variety of disciplines in all 50 states across the country and in the District of Columbia.  Additionally, Brian Fojtik, the President of  Brownstone Communications and those with whom he works enjoy broad experience in working as active, long-term members of national policy-based legislative organizations, national professional organizations, partisan networks that span all fifty states and the broad span of individuals, corporations, professional and trade associations (retail, wholesale, manufacturing, commerce and others) and with members who make up the core constituencies of these organizations.

The importance of the relationships cannot be underscored enough in building successful and effective coalitions.  Relationships alone, however, will not get the job done.  In addition organizations attempting to impact public policy or elections must rely on professional and creative coalition builders with experience.  Such coalitions start with the organizations and individuals themselves.  They expand to primary stakeholders and secondary stakeholders.  Who is directly impacted by the policies or action of interest?  Who is secondarily impacted from a professional, financial or employment perspective?  How about from a personal perspective?  And which organizations or individuals have the most impact or could potentially impact decision makers the most?  Political donors?  Friends?  Family?  Political supporters?  And what ability exists to reach those individuals and convince them of their stake in the issue?  A thorough assessment by a creative professional is key to maximizing the voice of your movement or organization.

Brownstone Communications clients can be assured that no matter what the level of resources available for a specific program, creative, aggressive and effective coalition-building skills will be put to work to support their programs.  You can learn more about Brownstone and the services they provide at   Brownstone represents unparalleled experience and relationships in the coalition- building world that puts your efforts well-ahead of that of your competitors from day one.

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